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Cuckoo’s Pit Organic Farm

Cuckoo’s Pit Organic Farm
Contact Details
Cuckoo’s Pit Farm
Cockoo’s Pit Lane
TN26 3TF
01233 860199

Organically produced beef, lamb, pork, poultry, eggs, honey and sausages. Our animals are reared naturally in family groups and eat only grass. In winter, feed for cattle and sheep is home grown hay and silage. The farm is managed organically and we do not use artificial fertilisers, pesticides or weed killers.

We keep two herds of cattle - White Park, the oldest breed of cattle in the UK and Blonde d’Aquitaine a large continental breed. We keep traditional breeds of sheep including Southdown and Wiltshire, Gloucester Old Spot pigs and Light Sussex chicken.

Why not stay in one of our Kent cottages and whilst there sample the delights of organically produced produce from Cuckoo’s Pit Farm.

+44 (0)1892 510117