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Cuckoo’s Pit Farm

Cuckoo’s Pit Farm
Contact Details
Cuckoo’s Pit Farm
TN26 3TF
01233 860199

We sell Organic Pork, Lamb, Beef, Sausages, burgers, bacon, eggs and Poultry including:

Turkey and Chicken

Eighteen Organic weaners are available at the price of £50 each please order either by email or phone.

Weaners are about 8 week old piglets that have been weaned from their mothers. Help and advice given.

Phone: 01233 860199

What is Organic? Click Here for information.

For ordering please phone or email your order, then arrange for collection or delivery may be possible if your order is over £35 and within a raduis of 10 miles of Woodchurch. In stock now: Beef, Pork, Lamb and Bacon. We have now have starting selling eggs again.

+44 (0)1892 510117